Beyond Good by Madécasse Pure Dark Heirloom Chocolate

Time seems to have flown away in the past three months since the start of the COVID-19 emergency. The exceptionally chilly weekend of late May in my southern Italian region gently invited me to the pastel pinkish colors of these Beyond Good by Madécasse chocolate bars.

While Madagascar seems to be a relatively well-known and widespread origin among producers of fine chocolate, I found in my tastings few names really knew how to ignite a sparkle with it.

The aromatic profile of dried cherries and citrus fruit to which Madagascar chocolate is often referred is not only detectable and in different percentages.

One can even access this luxury at a level of satisfaction higher than most “craft” names who present the same option twice as hard to appreciate—looking back on the pocket in hindsight.

Having tried the Pure Dark trio, my im

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pressions are:

pure dark heirloom chocolate by beyond good by madecasse
  • 92% (not in the pic) is rich in highly roasted cocoa flavors and the least bright in the more fruity secondary ones;
  • 80% is my favorite for being a tasty and fulfilling balance between brown notes of espresso coffee and red hints of cranberries and cherries;
  • 70% is a fine gateway product to Madagascan cacao’s bright notes, but in a less intimidating way than the 80% bar, yet low sweetness.

Entirely produced at the origin in Madagascar, Beyond Good has recently reached the milestone of producing one million tablets! A result which demonstrates how real sustainability is not smart-talking behind good intentions but a concrete reality achieved by understanding a business that can support the whole supply chain in the long run.