Cacao, The First Fine Craft Chocolate Magazine

Cacao, The First Fine Craft Chocolate Magazine

Inspired by other specialty food and drink magazines, Lukas Reinhardt found out there was nothing entirely dedicated to the fine/craft chocolate industry yet.

Yes, there are exceptional magazines about pastry and confectionery, but Cacao Magazine is a dream come true for featuring insightful stories of the movers and shakers of the fine craft chocolate industry in only one place.

Cacao is the first international print magazine dedicated to the fine craft chocolate industry.

This project is made possible thanks to the combined work of freelance writers and graphic designers giving life to the stories of fine cocoa and craft chocolate, and illustrating complex topics of this industry as enjoyable contents.

Much like the chocolate making process, the layout of the magazine follows the “bean-to-bar” sequence.

Each magazine preordered or ordered will be shipped worldwide from Germany.
Among the articles included in Issue One, my, “Why Fine Chocolate Is Loyal To Real Vanilla”:

The First Fine Craft Chocolate Magazine

Welcome to Cacao Magazine, with t

he best wishes of adding an instrumental milestone to the education and appreciation of specialty chocolate!