Chocolat Madagascar Fine Cashew Vegan Milk Chocolate 40%

As I describe in the flavor trends for 2020, plant-based milk alternatives are going mainstream in the food industry. However, in times of uncertainty like this, I reiterate how fine/craft chocolate brands should never assume that what they narrowly like and believe in is what their prospect is seeking.

Offering alternative non-dairy products is a smart move in 2020, but even more so, being cautious about tightening the possibilities for the more familiar option.

(As ‘dairy milk chocolate’ is still a significant lookup, an urgent appetite can’t be ‘fixed’ by throwing a few lopsided ethical and environmental implications.)

Although I wouldn’t easily swap the complexity and persistence of well-made dairy milk chocolate for the best vegan ‘milk’ alternative, this nut-based non-dairy version by Chocolat Madagascar goes almost on par with the dairy milk counterpart formerly tasted.

The cashew nuts are finely ground and incorporated in buttery chocolate, even if I would give it an additional favorable note should a version lower in sugar be proposed.

Madagascar Vegan Milk Chocolate with Cashew Nuts

The intent—told me Neil Kelsall, CEO of Choco

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