Chocolat Madagascar Fine Milk Chocolate 50% with Cashew Nuts

We all are feeling like stuck in a rut during this difficult 2020 pre-Easter time. The prolonged sense of uncertainty caused by the recent coronavirus outbreak seems to represent the only sure thing.

As if that wasn’t enough, all headlines and projections regarding the food & beverage industry come across plain dreadful. Yet, we are still fortunate to be locked in the house but in good health and with our stash of comfort foods chock-full.

What more immense joy to be able to taste an always ‘ready and available’—as well as healthy—delicacy, waiting for us with no excuses or disappointments, such as fine chocolate?

For someone who is also getting more and more passionate about nuts, what better occasion to discover this Chocolat Madagascar Fine Milk Chocolate 50% with Cashew Nuts?

Chocolat Madagascar Fine Milk Chocolate with Cashew Nuts

Anyone who advised me to try this brand, entirely made in Madagascar by the long-respected Chocolaterie Robert, did know I had to. No perfect excuse to try this brand other than being intrigued by two versions of the same product: traditional milk chocolate and its vegan counterpart. Both featuring creative use of cashew nuts harvested in Madagascar—much like the cacao of the single-origin chocolate embedding the nut gems.

With a rosy brown color and a buttery mouthfeel, this milk

chocolate bar is enlivened by the typical citrus fruit notes of Malagasy cacao and cashew nuts so delicate one could mistake them for puffed cereals. The dairy notes superbly highlight the nuttiness of the cashew nuts, amplifying the finish of the chocolate, but without space to unbearable sweetness—since less sugar is added here than a 70% dark chocolate.

The next review will cover its vegan version.

Have you ever tried this chocolate—or a similar one with the inclusion of cashew nuts?