Chocolate Premiumization Fosters Packaging Rethinking

Chocolate Premiumization Fosters Packaging Rethinking

With premium chocolate representing the fastest-growing segment in all chocolate sales, packaging and communication will constitute increasingly refined levers for a brand that aspires to be remembered, not remain one of many.

Between choosing colors, typefaces, graphic elements, and words to present each their storytelling, a brand serious about fine chocolate knows that smartly investing resources on the packaging is a prerequisite for authenticity.

While the final consumer is increasingly sensitive to current issues such as sustainability, ethics, and transparency, the fine chocolate brand must strive to distinguish itself from a fiercely prolific competition.

The competition is no longer with other brands in the same niche, but with the more iconic ones, in a more extended segment.

Why would someone buy an experience similar to the one he would have by opting for a less expensive product?

As a matter of fact, the most successful brands consider packaging as a vehicle to evoke sensations through its form and functionality.

See this by Ritual Chocolate. When unfolded

, the packaging recalls the freeing beauty of a bird, but also the comforting shapes of a houseā€”or wherever else imagination would bring you.