Luisa Abram Extra Creamy White Chocolate

Luisa Abram Extra Creamy White Chocolate

As we often talk about two-three ingredients dark chocolate as the discovery of the century for gourmets

, yet too little is enunciated of the same possibility for white chocolate.

While the world seems converging all its attention toward vegan milk alternatives, in reality, not all gourmets like to be deprived of the joys of real white chocolate prepared with milk.

Mainly if the white chocolate contains cocoa butter and milk powder in similar parts (about 40% vs. 30%, respectively) and as much sugar as that of a 70% dark chocolate (therefore, 30%.)

Culinary expert Luisa Abram recently created an exclusive line of white and milk chocolate bars containing special high-quality milk, derived from the Jersey bovine breed.

“This Extra Creamy White Chocolate is special, since I selected the flavor and creaminess conferred by this milk from a local farm, from which we take it and pasteurize it, and then spray-dry it to add it to our chocolate.

Being thicker, with more solids (protein and fat) than run-of-the-mill milk from Holstein-Fresian cows, the chocolate gets a particularly rich mouthfeel and a more balanced nutritional profile”, Luisa proudly told me.

The included sugar, which has first been caramelized, confers the product a golden color near to blond chocolate, but with opaque grayish shades. The flavors are reminiscent of a super smooth but lowly sweet toffee candy.