Mānoa Dark Goat Milk Chocolate 69%

Devastated by a few disappointing tastings, directing my choice toward this Mānoa Dark Goat Milk Chocolate 69% couldn’t represent better recovery to make up for the joys of fine chocolate temporarily lost.

Mānoa Dark Goat Milk Chocolate 69%

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Given its high percentage of cacao, this dark milk chocolate bar would fool you into presaging too intense notes to catch its marginal addition (11%) of goat’s milk. Until you taste it.

Nothing is monotonous or prevalent over the other. The caprine hint is wild but doesn’t prevail over the chocolate ‘canva,’ rich in green and raisins notes.

A rollover of titillating vegetal and cheesecake flavors embedded in a velvety mouthfeel ‘comes’ to the nose and palate in a punching but harmonious way, with malleable sensations so to get you on an emotional level.

Manoa Dark Goat Milk Chocolate

As a little excursus, did you know that

the distinctive aromas and flavors of goat’s milk derive from the lipid (fat) fraction, composed by shorter-chained components than cow’s?

(For being smaller, short-chain fatty acids are more volatile, then more olfactively perceptible than medium- and long-chain fatty acids.)