Mirzam Chocolate Tanzania 100%

As this prolonged quarantine could find a positive easing in a few weeks, our main question “Will everything come back as before?” has become “How will everyone ‘come back’ to tomorrow?
What will we have learned from this globally-individualized experience?

And what seemed unimaginable to us yesterday is already ordinary today. Granting a little and sweet transgression becomes not only legitimate but vital to stay afloat in a pressing landscape like the current one.

As craving 50 grams of a 100% cacao bar at 1 AM and trusting that it will work like a sleeping pill an hour later (experiment not recommended to anxiety sufferers.)

The deep and, at the same time, mild cacao notes of this Mirzam Chocolate Tanzania 100% could compel you to dare much more than your usual.

Mirzam Chocolate Tanzania 100%

To break with longing a bar of chocolate late at night, sniff the

broken parts amply to anticipate its flavors through your nose, and taste it with no regrets for tomorrow. Because it does good not only to your soul but the entire supply chain of specialty foods that we can choose to sustain for their authenticity, care, and taste.

What is the healthiest transgression for your well-being that you conceded—or going to concede—yourself during this sheltering time?