Ritual Chocolate Juniper Lavender 70%

You’ve never really tasted American craft chocolate if you’ve never tried Ritual.

The patterns of a Ritual bar are such eye candy to give brain tingles. The combined tactile and visual sensation by following the joints from which the outer packaging gets unfolded and the bar extracted from the inner wrapper and held between the thumb and middle finger is simply indescribable with words. It’s closer to chocolate beauty coming from another world.

When founders Robbie Stout and Anna Davis moved from Denver, Colorado to Park City, Utah, in 2015, they took almost two years to think about their identity as a chocolate maker for a new packaging concept.

Colors and geometries reflect Park City’s landscape and its silver mining history, while

Ritual Chocolate Juniper Lavender 70%

This bar includes a mix of lavender grown by Lavender Hill Utah and dried juniper berries. Both ingredients are finely incorporated in Ritual’s iconic 70% cacao Mid Mountain Blend.

The surprising aspect of the chocolate’s nose is a tension between female and male scents. The floral aroma of lavender is not the main thread but a subtle background to a perfect balance of fruity and woody flavors, which reca

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