Zotter Dark Chocolate 60% Sweetened Only With Coconut And Mango

With keto-friendly sweeteners and tropical flavors characterizing new fine chocolate products launched during the health- and comfort-seeking craze of 2020, I couldn’t miss trying the novel ‘Squaring the Circle‘ line by Zotter Chocolate.

The trendy chocolate range featuring alternative sugars was announced early this fall by the inventive Austrian chocolate maker famous for the prolific assortment of flavor combinations and unconventional recipes.

This Dark Chocolate 60% bar sweetened only with Coconut and Mango Fruit successfully brings a balance between elements of subtleness and surprise at the same time.

Zotter Dark Chocolate 60% Sweetened Only With Coconut And Mango

The pure cacao mass with no extra cocoa butter reveals an intensity that makes me think of a careful medium-high roasting profile leading to no bitter compounds. The chocolate’s creaminess and tender melt are entirely achieved through the addition of organic coconut milk and flakes, wherea

With no ‘toasted’ hints, the organic coconut and mango fruit mix stays entirely fresh and clean during the tasting, so that makes me think of some freeze-dried fruit powder and chips blended in the chocolate, without undergoing any heat process to dry them—and modify their authentic flavor.

Without any cane or beet sugar, the dried mango fruit powder also works as a natural sweetener in the chocolate, counting just 9% sugars—the equivalent of a 91% extra-dark chocolate bar!

A keto chocolate bar with hidden but funny elements perfect for enticing even kids and exposing their palate to delicious yet affordable chocolate—70g priced at 3.80€ if you can order from Europe, which is half the

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