Chocolat Madagascar Fine White Gold Chocolate 45%

It makes no sense trying to validate the nature of white chocolate when it really has its goodness and diversity, so to regularly consider it among the various fine chocolate tastings.

This Chocolat Madagascar Fine White Gold Chocolate 45% couldn’t miss becoming an experience.

chocolat madagascar fine white gold chocolate

Produced from 45% naturally-pressed cocoa butter from Grand Cru Sambirano cacao beans, this three-ingredient single-origin Madagascar white chocolate contains only 18% of added sugar, being the second ingredient 37% whole milk powder.

The aromatic profile is exceptionally unusual for a white chocolate bar, as the dairy note is not the one that prevails or is clearly marked.

Unexpectedly vegetal hints, such as floral jasmine and fruity banana, kick in so delicately and intensely at the same time that you wouldn’t bet this is non-vegan white chocolate.

To taste six squares of this white chocolate delight in one seat is like reaching the ecstasy for any core fine white chocolate lover, far more satisfying than some poorly-characterized dark chocolate products.