Foodensity Listed Among The Top 70 Chocolate Blogs By Feedspot

Blogging is so effective that there are over a billion blogs on the web, which equals roughly one blog for every seven people. A curated blog is not only a great marketing tool for personal branding but, unlike social media platforms, the moment someone creates a blog that targets a specific audience, they can continually reach them without having to worry about algorithm changes.

On top of my reasons to create Foodensity back in 2016 was that of educating people on the diversity and delight of specialty chocolate and, at the same time, inspiring food brands and professionals by providing honest insights as an independent and trustworthy voice in the industry.

As a trained Food Scientist, I recognize the privilege of approaching and communicating different topics with the analytical thinking and comprehensive knowledge about food ingredients I have developed over the years as a huge and unique advantage as a blogger in the chocolate industry.

I still remember the first year, or so, I was publishing blog posts and getting fewer than one hundred visitors per month. Through my voice, word of mouth, and niche authority, Foodensity can now count over 3,500 monthly visits, reaching peaks of over 5,000 in 2020.

Besides that, my greatest satisfaction as a blogger is when a reader or follower tells me, ‘Your view inspired my thinking or approach,’

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After hundreds of contents produced on my blog and social media, I can proudly say that practice makes perfect, but it also takes a lot of your patience and time.

Blogging is not for people seeking immediate results in their marketing efforts. That’s probably why most craft and fine chocolate businesses still prefer resorting to social media rather than blogging in 2021. What the reader or follower sees online on my blog is just 20% of the overall work required to research, write, edit, and create images from scratch—besides continually updating my skills on digital marketing to better position my new and old content online.

All this hard work paid off, in the long run, to be listed among the top 70 chocolate blogs and websites for education and inspiration by Feedspot. Feedspot is a news aggregator and RSS feed reader collecting, ranking, and curating the most affirmed Web Blogs, Youtube Channels, Podcasts, and News Sites into thousands of niche industries.