Luisa Abram Caramelized White Chocolate

It may be hot sub-Saharan weather here in Italy during these last days of June

, but nothing prevented me from indulging in white chocolate among the remnants still in the stash after the winter shopping.

Especially if the packaging with marine colors and elements lovely turned out a refreshing effect on my disposition.

Because that’s the beauty of fine chocolate.

Enough diversity not only between one brand and another but especially within the same type of chocolate.

Enough quality to challenge our assumptions against what great chocolate could be worth discovering to broaden our appreciation.

Luisa Abram Caramelized White Chocolate

This Luisa Abram Caramelized White Chocolate is made up of the same three ingredients (40% cocoa butter,

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30% milk powder, and 30% cane sugar) of the previously experienced Creamy White version.

Although the sensation delivered on the palate completely changes for being prepared by caramelizing the nutritionally-dense specialty Jersey cow’s milk with the sugar.

“Not before going through trials and errors to get that balance of flavors,” Luisa told me.

And with what results! The notes reminiscent of malted whiskey, toffee candy, and fresh cream are so voluptuous to tease even the fiercest white chocolate naysayer.