Olive and Sinclair Buttermilk White Chocolate 45%

Olive and Sinclair Buttermilk White Chocolate

Finding a bar of white chocolate with buttermilk is not easy, despite the American standard of identity §163.124 on white chocolate allows freedom when it comes to dairy ingredients, such as:

  • Cream, milkfat, butter
  • Milk, dry whole milk, concentrated milk, evaporated milk, sweetened condensed milk
  • Skim milk, concentrated skim milk, evaporated skim milk, sweetened condensed skim milk, nonfat dry milk
  • Concentrated buttermilk, dried buttermilk
  • Malted milk
  • Whey

This Buttermilk White Chocolate by Olive and Sinclair is sublimated by buttermilk and gently spiced up with salt and pepper.

Olive and Sinclair Buttermilk White Chocolate

The acidulous taste of buttermilk reminds that of a thick,

Traditionally, buttermilk was the liquid left behind after churning butter out of cultured cream. Nowadays, buttermilk commercially refers to a milk product known as cultured buttermilk, with a characteristically sour taste caused by lactic acid bacteria fermenting lactose, the naturally-occurring sugar in milk.