Solstice Coconut White Chocolate

There is no one way to love and make love.

Given the competition and confusion about dark chocolate at every dimension of the industry and level of expertise, I feel I am going straight whenever I lean to the white chocolate lane.

For the core fine white chocolate lover, dilemmas like ‘dairy or vegan?’ are not self-set restrictions on dietary and ethical standards but a fair chance that could unexpectedly open up to a new appreciation.

This Coconut White bar by Solstice Chocolate doesn’t box our tasting possibilities in an ideologic cage, sinc

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e coconut is not included as a dairy alternative but an integral ingredient.

solstice coconut white chocolate

With cane sugar being only the fourth ingredient, this fine white chocolate is an honest triumph of white-colored flavors. High in cocoa butter and whole milk, it delivers a bold aroma of coconut flour cooky on the nose.

Coconut remains center stage even on the palate, where its buttery thread unfolds to the delicate creaminess of cow’s milk and the floral sweetness of vanilla.

(Recommended to anyone thinking of something special and sweet to gift their Mother this Sunday!)